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The Supersonic Brand Intensive

The Brand Intensive is a 5-day program that will help you create a rock-solid brand foundation that will attract and retain your dream clients.

you look mint brand intensive program

What is it, and what's included?

Picture this: 5-day Design Intensive completely dedicated to YOUR project. No quick fixes here – we’re talking about a full-on immersive experience that delivers top-notch results in record time.

Throughout the intensive week, we’ll be working closely together to craft a rock-solid brand foundation that screams confidence and pride in your business. Say goodbye to bland branding and hello to those dream clients you’ve been longing for!

The best part? We’ve streamlined the whole process, so you won’t have to deal with endless revisions and meetings. We’ll set everything up on day one, leaving you with the peace of mind to sit back, relax, and let us work our magic.


Is it right for my business?

Alright, let’s get real – the Brand Intensive Program isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay!

We’ve carefully designed it with specific businesses and visionary owners in mind. For us, communication and collaboration are the secret sauce, which is why we handpick our clients – the passionate go-getters who are ready to dive in headfirst.

If you want a program that goes above and beyond, where exclusivity meets excellence, then The Brand Intensive Program might just be for you.

The brand intensive is the one for you if:

The brand intensive is NOT the one for you if:


You’ll be sent an invoice and contract to sign. Once these have been completed We’ll send over a welcome email with a pre-start checklist, homework pack, and an invitation for our Day 1 Strategy call.

Homework is due at least 48 hours before we start. This will allow us time to put together a creative direction presentation which you’ll receive before our strategy call.

Strategy & Direction

We’ll start the day by going through your completed homework pack & Pinterest board, and then sending over any clarifying questions. 

We’ll then get to work on your strategy & creative direction document. You’ll receive this by 4pm (British Time) and you’ll have until 9am (British Time) the following day to request any chnages & pick your mood board.


Based on your feedback we’ll make any small refinements to the creative direction document. We’ll then get to work on designing your visual concept presentation(s). This can take anywhere from 1 – 3 days.

Presentation files are emailed by 4pm, and you’ll have until 9am the following morning to give feedback. We will make any amendments required, and send over a revised mini presentation.


You’ll receive all your files by the end of the Monday following your project.

This takes a full working day as there’s usually hundreds of files to export and upload. Files are uploaded to a private Google Drive folder (which only you and I can access), you’ll be emailed a link to the folder where you can download the entire project.

The million dollar question (pun intended!)

What's the investement?

We believe in keeping things transparent, especially when it comes to pricing. 

£1,200 (GBP)


Frequently asked questions

Got a question I haven’t answered? Reach out and we’ll be happy to help!

Can I add more to the package?

We can absolutely add more stuff to your package, but just a heads up, we won’t be able to finish it all during the intensive week.

After your brand intensive, we’ll set you up for a brand extension the following week. It usually takes 1 – 3 days, depending on what extra goodies you wanna throw in.

What files will I recieve?

Your logos will be supplied in every brand colour, as well as black and white versions.

How many concepts will you design?

It honestly varies! We prefer to design one concept and really nail down the vision. However there are occasions where we may send over a second concept if there are a lot of ideas floating around.

Any more than two can get pretty overwhelming though, and that’s the last thing we want for you!

How will we communicate during the project?

Email. To keep things lean and mean we’re forgoing the client portal and we’ll do everything over email. 

What are the included add-on options?

We have a ton of options to choose from for your 2 included add-ons. When you enquire, we’ll send you a PDF with a full list of everything, but here are a few examples: business cards, stickers, illustrations, and even social media templates.

How many revisions are included?

You’ll have the opportunity to give feedback throughout the project. In order to keep to the strict timeline you’ll have 1 round of minor revisions at each stage.

Is this for UK residents only?

Nope, we’re more than happy to work with international clients. Before we start though I’ll need to figure out our timezone difference, and draw up an amended schedule & feedback time expectations.

We may need to move the strategy call to pre-start day just to make sure we are able to run the project on time.

What's expected of me?

In order to keep the project running like clockwork you’ll need to be a tip top communicator. 

Presentation files are uploaded to Notion by 4pm, and you’ll have until 9am the following morning to give feedback. We will make any amendments required, and send over a revised amendments presentation.

It’s absolutely vital that you respond in good time or we won’t have time to make amendments.

So, where do we go from here?

We’re passionate about working with visionary women who are daring to be different, and we’re committed to helping you create a brand that will help you achieve your goals.

If you’re feeling our vibe, and are ready to make your vision a reality, let’s make that happen together.

You Look Mint is a Manchester based branding agency that specialises in fresh and bold branding & graphic design that’s uniquely you.

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