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Is it ever okay to copy your competitors logo?

Ermm, yeah that’s a not from us.

We all know how much we want to succeed and how we look up to those big brands for inspiration. But here’s the thing: copying your competitors’ logo is a big no-no.

In this blog post, we’re gonna dig into why it’s so important to be original and create your own brand identity if you want your business to thrive in the long run. So, let’s get down to it!

No Originality, No Trust

Picture this: you stumble upon a brand that looks strikingly similar to another one you know. Instantly, you feel skeptical, right? Your customers are no different. They can sniff out inauthenticity from a mile away. By copying someone else’s brand, you risk coming off as a cheap knock-off, eroding trust before you even have a chance to build it. We want your customers to trust you because you’re uniquely awesome!


Missing the Bullseye

Every brand has its own target audience, and yours is no exception. When you copy your competitors’ logo, you’re essentially shooting in the dark and hoping to hit the bullseye. But here’s the thing: you need to connect with the right people, the ones who get your vibe and love what you offer. By creating your own unique brand identity, you can zero in on your target audience, resonate with them, and address their specific needs. Let’s hit that bullseye together!

So, where do we go from here?

We’re passionate about working with visionary women who are daring to be different, and we’re committed to helping you create a brand that will help you achieve your goals.

If you’re feeling our vibe, and are ready to make your vision a reality, let’s make that happen together.

You Look Mint is a Manchester based branding agency that specialises in fresh and bold branding & graphic design that’s uniquely you.

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