The Pi Project

Full Brand Identity

The Pi Project is a STEM-themed clothing brand that was born out of a love for math and science, and a frustration with the lack of stylish options in the market. The brand aims to provide customers with cute, comfy, and eco-friendly clothes that feature punny STEM themes. 

Target Audience:

The brand’s target audience is college-educated individuals between the ages of 18-40 who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The brand’s designs are meant to be conversation starters that showcase the wearer’s passions and unique personality. The brand is solving the problem of limited clothing options for STEM enthusiasts, allowing them to feel confident and proud when wearing their clothing.





Sarah, I cannot thank you enough for all your help!

I am sooo happy with everything from the logos to the Brand Guidelines –this will be so helpful for me as I find my voice as a brand, and you’ve already done such a great job in guiding me! Now I’m going to update all my logos! 🙂

Ivana Lee

Owner - The Pi Project

So, where do we go from here?

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