How I Would Brand a Virtual Assistant

As a designer, I love getting creative and exploring how branding can transform a business. Today, I’m taking you behind the scenes of a mock project I created: a brand refresh for Gabby VA!

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Why A Virtual Assistant?

Well, I often see virtual assistants with similar branding. I wanted to explore a bolder, more vibrant direction. Imagine Gabby – a fantastic VA with over 3 years of experience who’s ready to attract bigger clients. Her current brand (think a DIY project from a few years back) just wasn’t reflecting her professionalism or personality.

This project is a chance to showcase my process and the impact a strategic brand refresh can have. So, grab a cup of tea and join me as I bring Gabby’s brand vision to life!

The Spark

I was scrolling through Instagram for inspiration and found myself going down a virtual assistant rabbit hole.

While many brands looked polished, they all seemed to fall into one of two categories: hot pink or beige. Now, there’s nothing wrong with those colours, but where’s the zest?

For this project, I wanted to create a brand that was bigger, bolder, and bursting with personality – just like Gabby herself!

The Vibe

For this brand, I envisioned a fun and energetic mood, full of bright colours that make you smile. But remember, professionalism is key!

A touch of deep navy keeps things grounded and adds a touch of polish. To really capture Gabby’s personality, we designed a custom logo with a playful font, some sparkle, and a touch of shine.

Because Gabby’s anything but ordinary! ✨

    The Deliverables

    This project wasn’t just about a logo. I created a whole package to help Gabby make a big impression on potential clients. It included:

    • A complete logo suite
    • Fun and colourful stickers
    • Eye-catching illustrations
    • Mockups to show how the brand would look in action
    • A warm and welcoming client packet

    The Reflection

    Working on Gabby’s (imagined) brand was a blast! It was a fun challenge to push the boundaries with colour. I wanted to show that you can be super professional while still being bright and beautiful. There’s a whole world of colour out there! Using colour is a fantastic way to show off your personality and stand out from the crowd.

    This project solidified my belief that branding is all about telling a story. Gabby’s story is one of energy, growth, and professionalism, and now her brand reflects that perfectly!

    Are you vibing with this?

    While I adore exploring branding possibilities through passion projects, my true passion lies in collaborating with real-life small business owners. If you’re a business owner seeking a brand that reflects your unique story with zest and vibrancy, then I’d love to chat.

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