Branding & web design expert helping you Shine online

I build websites and branding for small to medium sized businesses.  Designed attract your ideal customers, and build trust with every word and image. 

User-Friendly Websites & Branding designed  in Greater Manchester

Design with Northern Soul.

Feeling stuck with a website that’s, well, just there? I get it! Your brilliant business deserves a website that wows, and a brand that shouts your story from the rooftops.

That’s where I come in!

I’m passionate about creating user-friendly websites and branding with a splash of Northern Soul (think friendly, down-to-earth, gets-things-done vibes).

I’ll help you capture your unique vision and connect with the customers who are your perfect match. Because hey, who wants boring websites and generic brands, right?

Personality packed branding

I can help you craft personality-packed branding that connects with your ideal customers on a deeper level.

Think bold colours, unforgettable logos, and a brand voice that feels like you.

Bespoke website design

Let’s build a bespoke website that’s as unique and functional as your business.

Imagine a website that’s easy to navigate, looks stunning, and actually converts visitors into customers.

agency-quality branding with a personal touch

I help solopreneurs, small businesses & service providers ditch the overwhelm and build brands that looks amazing, and attract dream clients.

I’m Sarah, it’s lovely to meet you.


Visual identities that resonate and get results.

Branding Beyond the Logo

A logo is great, but your brand is so much more! It’s about unearthing your unique essence and crafting an image that magnetically attracts your ideal customers. Think of me as your brand confidante. Together, we’ll build a memorable, trustworthy look and feel that helps you shine online and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Experience You Can Trust

My passion for user experience (UX) design has even landed me gigs with Fortune 500 companies. That means I know what makes websites work (and what totally flops). I use that expertise to create websites that get real results, because let’s face it, pretty pixels don’t pay the bills!

WordPress The People's Platform (and mine too!)

Millions trust WordPress (almost half the internet, actually!), and for good reason. With over 10 years of experience, I know this platform like the back of my hand. It’s user-friendly, secure, and even powers websites for superstars like Taylor Swift (you’re in good company!).

Your brand story.
Beautifully told

Whether you’re launching a dream project or revamping an existing one, I craft visual stories that captivate your audience and drive results. Dive into my portfolio to see how I can help you turn heads and turn clicks into customers.

Fancy having a read?

Some of my favourite
blog posts

How I would brand a virtual assistant

As a designer, I love getting creative and exploring how branding can transform a business. This blog takes you behind the scenes of a mock project I created: a brand refresh for Gabby VA!

8 Essential Steps to a Successful Rebrand

As a branding designer, I've helped many businesses revamp their image. This post offers an 8-step guide to navigate a successful rebrand. We'll explore defining your goals, auditing your current brand, and researching your target audience.

Marketing without Instagram as an introverted entrepreneur

In this post, I talk about my experience promoting my business on Instagram as an introvert. It felt exhausting to keep up with the pressure to be outgoing and posting all the time.

"I couldn't be happier with the end result."
I can confidently say that Sarah exceeded all my expectations. Her design skills are top-notch, and she was able to bring exactly what I was envisioning to life in record time. Working with her was an absolute bliss - she is incredibly responsive, creative, and passionate about her work. Everything flowed smoothly throughout the process, and I couldn't be happier with the end result. Would 200% recommend her!

Natascha Goovaerts
One Latte Too Many
"I’m absolutely ecstatic with the results! "
Genuinely, couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome!

Really loved the process, you made it so easy and straightforward. Really hoping we can work together again in the future. As Squiz evolves I’d love to collaborate again. I’m absolutely ecstatic with the results!  It’s really helped give me the confidence to take myself a bit more seriously going forward. 

Holly Sherlock
Squiz Social
"Loving the new look & feel."
I'm so glad I found Sarah to help me with my branding. She took the time to really understand my goals and vision, and she delivered a brand package that blew me away.

Since launching our new branding, I've seen a huge increase in customer engagement and sales. My customers are loving the new look and feel, and I'm so grateful to Sarah for helping me create a brand that truly represents my business.

If you're looking for a branding expert who is talented, creative, and passionate, I highly recommend Sarah. She's the best in the business!

Emily Jones
"Five stars all the way!"
Sarah was amazing to work with – professional, creative, and responsive throughout the entire process.

She really took the time to understand my business and its unique needs, and provided valuable insights and suggestions for my brand identity and messaging. The final product was absolutely gorgeous, and it’s already making a huge impact on my business.

She is truly passionate about what she does, and she will help take your business to the next level. Five stars all the way!

Myda Carolan
Lemon N Co
"I am so happy with everything!"
Sarah, I cannot thank you enough for all your help!

I am sooo happy with everything from the logos to the Brand Guidelines --this will be so helpful for me as I find my voice as a brand, and you've already done such a great job in guiding me!  Now I'm going to update all my logos! 🙂

Thank you for being amazing!!!

Ivana Lee
The Pi Project
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Alright, last call.

You’ve made it to the bottom of the page, so I must have done something right.

Let me be real with you.

Social media algorithms are shit, like seriously shit. And relying solely on these platforms for your business is like building a house on shaky ground. That’s why I’m here to help you own your content and your brand, and I promise it doesn’t have to be scary.

Picture this: your unique story shining through, attracting your dream clients, and running your business on your own terms. It’s possible, and I would love to help you make it happen.

My website is my secret weapon. It’s a perfect example of how strategic branding and user-friendly design can work wonders. It attracts ideal clients to my business 24/7, allowing me to focus on being a business owner rather than a content creator.

I want you to have this too.