Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is My Design Ethos

At the core of everything I do, I believe in creating cool websites and branding that are good for the planet. When we work together, it’s not just about design; it’s a mission to explore sustainable choices and eco-friendly practices. It’s like practicing “leave no trace design” – every decision I make minimizes your environmental footprint.

Lean and Purposeful: Websites & Branding with Impact

I’m a big believer in keeping things clean and purposeful. I won’t clutter your website or branding with unnecessary elements. Did you know that by 2040, data storage alone could contribute up to 14% of the global carbon footprint? That’s a big number, and I’m committed to not adding to it. So, rest assured, every element I create for your website or branding is chosen with meticulous care, considering not just aesthetics but also its environmental impact.

Positive Impact, One Project at a Time

My goal is to ensure you get the absolute most out of your website or branding, while minimizing our impact on the planet. Each element is hand-picked to perfectly fit your needs and make a positive difference. Let’s create something truly awesome together, something that leaves a positive mark, not a big carbon footprint.