Stunning websites designed to captivate & convert.

Bespoke WordPress Websites for service providers

As a service provider, you pour your heart into your business. But when it comes to your online presence, are you feeling stuck with a website that just doesn’t capture your magic?

I get it. That’s why I design stunning and user-friendly WordPress websites that are more than just pretty – they’re powerful tools built to attract your ideal clients and turn them into loyal fans.

Wordpress websites for service providers
Ditch the Rent, Own Your Online Real Estate

Why Your Service Business Needs a Website

Let’s face it, building a loyal client base as a service provider can feel like a constant hustle.

You’re on social media, pouring hours of work into promoting your biz, all the while crossing your fingers the algorithm gods are kind. But what if there was a way to own your online space and attract dream clients on autopilot?

Thats there website design (and I!) come in.

You're the boss, babe.

Forget the drama of disappearing social media posts. With a website, you're the boss of your content. Showcase your expertise, share valuable tips, and build trust with potential clients – all under your control.

First Impressions Matter (A Lot)

A professional website instantly ups your credibility factor. It shows you're serious about your business and gives clients a place to learn about you, your services, and those rave reviews.

Bespoke Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

Trendy website templates might look cute for a minute, but they can also make your business look like a dime-a-dozen. Here's the good news: a bespoke WordPress website, designed just for you, lets your brand personality shine through and creates a unique experience for your visitors, all without breaking the bank!

Custom built Web design package

WordPress Websites that Convert & Captivate

Want a website that truly reflects your brand and turns visitors into fans?

You know the feeling – pouring your heart into social media, but it never feels quite like “yours.” That’s where a website comes in. It’s your home base, built to showcase what you do and turn casual visitors into loyal customers.

I design beautiful, user-friendly WordPress websites from scratch (no cookie-cutter templates here!). User experience is my jam, so expect a website that’s easy to navigate and guides visitors smoothly towards what you want them to see. Plus, it’ll look amazing on any device, phone or computer. We’ll work together to map out the perfect user journey, so your website converts visitors into raving fans who keep coming back for more.

What’s included?
Website + Branding bundle

Can I add branding?

You absolutely can (it’s encouraged!). You can add branding design to your website package, and to sweeten the pot you’ll get a sweet discount for bundling up!

As well as the above website package, when you add branding you’ll also get the following:

the ‘need to know’ stuff

Essential Info

Okay, so now you know what’s included as a standard in my web design packages.

Let’s cover all the final bits & bobs you need to know before you reach out. This includes pricing, add-ons & that all important juice website + branding bundle!

Priced per website, but the average project costs around  £2,000 – £4,000 depending on add-ons.

Payment plans are available

Combine my branding package with a website design, and you’ll save 50% on the branding portion! 

Example price:

  • Website price: £3,000
  • Branding price (discounted): £750
    (original price was £1,500)
  • Total price: £3,750

Website Hosting
Google Workspace & Custom Email Address
Google Analytics Setup & Integration
Stock image sourcing
Existing blog posts transfer

4 – 8 weeks dependent on feedback

how things work

The Web Design Process

Alright, web design can get a bit more technical than branding (that’s putting it lightly!) Just know I’ll be right there with you throughout the entire process, making it as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Want to dive deeper into SEO or why I love WordPress? Click the link below for the nitty-gritty!


The Vision

First, we'll chat about your website vision and how you want visitors to experience your brand. We'll brainstorm ideas, then I'll create a basic site layout (think rough sketch) for your approval. Once we're on the same page, you'll provide your content (text & images).


The Build

Get excited! Based on the approved layout, I'll create a visual mock-up of your website. We'll finalize everything, then I'll build a working version on a private site just for you to explore. We can have a live feedback session if schedules work, or I'll use a screen recording tool to walk you through it and get your input.


The Launch

Time to celebrate your website launch! I'll handle the technical stuff to move it to your domain. You'll receive a video showing you how to manage your website (don't worry, it's recorded so you can watch it again later). Plus, I'm here for the next two weeks to answer any questions, and help you get comfortable with your new website.

I specialise in crafting stunning and user-friendly websites for a wide range of service-based businesses!
This includes coaches, consultants, therapists, creatives, and many more. If you’re passionate about helping others and want a website that showcases your expertise and attracts ideal clients, then I’d love to chat with you!

Not quite yet, but stay tuned!

Right now, my focus is on crafting beautiful websites for service-based businesses – coaches, therapists, consultants, and all those amazing folks who help others shine.

But trust me, building websites for online shops is definitely on my vision board for the future.

I offer copywriting and image sourcing services for an additional fee. If you’re providing your own content, please make sure it’s ready before our start date. Any delays could result in a reschedule or additional charges.
Yep, but you’ll need a Google Workspace plan. I’m more than happy to quote setup for that though during our consultation. 
No. I’m a big fan of WordPress, and I think it’s the best website builder for most people. But I know that not everyone agrees, and that’s okay. If you’re set on using another platform, I’m not the right fit for you.
You sure can, I’m more than happy to quote for hosting and setup. Just let me know you’re interested in this in your enquiry.
You’ll need to purchase your own domain and hosting, both of those will have running fees which vary between providers. I can help you with this if you’d like. 

From my end though, I use premium plugins to build your site, and a 12-month license for these plugins is included in the cost. After 12 months, you’ll be responsible for renewing the licenses yourself. I’ll provide you with instructions on how to do this in your training materials.

Absolutely! Your website will have the same smooth animations and subtle movements that you see here. I only use website frameworks that I love and trust, and that includes the one powering this very site!
If you’re interested in booking with me, just get in touch and I’ll give you the lowdown on my latest availability.

I usually fill up my schedule weeks or even months in advance, but sometimes I  have a bit of wiggle room depending on the project. So, even if you need something done last minute, there’s a chance I can work you in sooner. Just let me know what you need and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

web design faqs

Ready to get started?

Building a website can feel overwhelming, but I’m here to help! My FAQs answer tons of questions, but if something’s missing, don’t be shy – reach out anytime!

Feeling ready to get started? Let’s grab a coffee (or tea!) and chat – I’d love to hear about your vision and how I can turn it into reality.