a few of my favourite projects

Portfolio & examples of my work

Instead of picking favorites, I curated a gallery of 6 projects that showcase my design philosophy: bold, vibrant brands with personality.

Here, you’ll find client work that challenged me creatively, personal projects where I explored, and everything in between. The common thread? A passion for crafting brands with bite.

branding & design portfolio

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Headrush is the salon with punk right down to the core. A brand that values individuality and creativity. The salon provides a safe space for people to express themselves and try new things with their hair. With Headrush, customers can expect a unique and edgy experience that will leave them feeling confident and empowered.

One Latte Too Many

One Latte Too Many was created by Natascha to support female entrepreneurs in working smarter and enjoying life while scaling their businesses. The blog provides practical tips for productivity and work-life balance, with the goal of becoming a go-to resource for building an online presence.

Night Fever

Night Fever is a vintage store that offers curated one-of-a-kind fashion and home wear, with a focus on unique pieces from the 70s. The store’s vibe is young, funky, groovy, and fun-loving, and it aims to bring a touch of retro glamour to modern-day fashion and home decor.

Lemon N Co

Lemon N Co is a creative agency and business development start-up, based in the UK.

Compassionate, welcoming, professional and approachable. Striving to build a business based on trust and acceptance. A brand that genuinely cares and treats your needs, and business, as if it were their own Breaking the mold and doing it in style, say hello to Lemon N Co.

Wild Ones

Wild Ones is a camping and hiking company that provides gear and accessories for people who love the great outdoors. The company’s goal is to inspire people to embrace their inner wild child and to experience the freedom and adventure of nature.

The Pi Project

The Pi Project is a STEM-themed clothing brand that was born out of a love for math and science, and a frustration with the lack of stylish options in the market. The brand aims to provide customers with cute, comfy, and eco-friendly clothes that feature punny STEM themes.