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Brand Identity Design

The Pi Project

The Pi Project is a STEM-themed clothing brand that was born out of a love for math and science, and a frustration with the lack of stylish options in the market. The brand aims to provide customers with cute, comfy, and eco-friendly clothes that feature punny STEM themes. 

Brand Identity

Playful, intelligent, sustainable, punny


Science-inspired, Comfortable, Eco-conscious, Witty


Logo suite, illustration, mockups, colours, custom typography

Sarah, I cannot thank you enough for all your help!

I am sooo happy with everything from the logos to the Brand Guidelines --this will be so helpful for me as I find my voice as a brand, and you've already done such a great job in guiding me! Now I'm going to update all my logos! 🙂

Thank you for being amazing!!!

Ivana Lee
The Pi Project