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Curious about my design process, why I rave about WordPress, or just more info in general? You’ve come to the right place!

This page dives deep into my approach to web design, from the tools I use to the values that guide my work. If you’re owt like me then there’s no such thing as TMI. So grab a brew and let’s get into it.

Oh and, if you have any questions after your info binge, feel free to reach out – I’m always up for a natter!

design process and information
a deeper look

Inside My Design Process

1. First Chat & Discovery

We kick things off with a chat to get to know each other and your business better. I'll ask you a bunch of questions to really understand what makes your brand tick. It's all about uncovering those key insights that will shape our journey together.

2. Research & Mood Boards

Once I've got the lowdown, I dive into research mode. I'll scope out your competitors, check out your online presence, and take note of any ideas you've got in mind. Then, I'll put together a couple of mood boards to show you where I think we could go with the design.

3. Design Development

With your chosen mood board in hand, I'll get to work crafting a design that reflects your brand's vibe. It's a process of trial and error, tweaking things until it feels just right.

4. Revision & Refinement

We'll go back and forth a few times, making tweaks and adjustments until you're happy with the final design. Your feedback is crucial every step of the way.

5. Finalization & Delivery

Once we've nailed it, I'll tie up any loose ends and get everything ready for you. You'll get the final files, and I'll send over the invoice. Simple as that.

6. Ongoing Support

Even after we're done, I'm still here for you. If you ever need anything or want to chat about your brand's progress, just give me a shout.

More than just a logo

All About Branding

Imagine you’re walking down the high street. You see a shop with a bright yellow storefront, funky music playing, and mannequins dressed in colourful clothes. Even before you step inside, you get a certain feeling about the place, right? That’s branding at work!

Branding is the overall impression your business gives, both online and offline. It’s like a personality for your company – quirky and playful, or sophisticated and sleek?

Your branding should reflect that personality everywhere you show up: your website, social media, even your business cards!

But wait, isn't that just a logo?

Not quite! A logo is an important part of branding, like a catchy nickname. But branding goes much deeper. It's the colours you choose, the way you write your website copy, the customer service experience you provide – it's the whole package!

Why is branding important?

Because a strong brand builds trust and recognition. When people "get" your vibe, they're more likely to remember you and choose you over the competition.

My website platform of choice

WordPress & Why I Use It

So, you’ve probably heard of WordPress, right? It’s like the OG of website platforms, powering millions of sites worldwide.

Fun fact: even Taylor Swift’s site is on WordPress. If it’s good enough for blondie, it’s good enough for me!

Why do I use wordpress?

I’ve been using WordPress for over a decade now, and I know it inside and out. You might be considering platforms like Showit or Squarespace. These platforms have become really popular, especially with some influencers promoting them. There’s nothing wrong with them, and they can be a great option for beginners or those who want to build a website themselves.

However, if you’re hiring a designer and want a website with a unique look and advanced features, IMO WordPress offers more flexibility and customisation. That’s why I use it for all my projects.

TLDR – I know it, I like it, it’s cute for me.

What you need to know about search engine optimization

What Is SEO?

Think of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as making your website Google-friendly. The friendlier it is, the higher it ranks in searches.

Here’s the basic idea:

When people search for something online, Google sends out little robots to scour websites for info. If your website speaks the language these robots understand (keywords, clear content, etc.), they’re more likely to recommend your site to people searching.

Why is this important:

Because it means you’re not relying on social media algorithms or random shares to get traffic. Organic search traffic (people finding you through Google) is steady, reliable, and totally under your control with a little SEO magic.

SEO’s a long game, even for me! There’s always room to improve, but the work you put in now pays off in the long run.

Huge topic, right? I delve deeper into SEO on my blog if you want to learn more!

Purpose, Values & Promises

I help passionate business owners craft websites & brand identities that really resonate. Your brand should shout your values from the rooftops and connect with your dream customers. We’ll work together, talk openly, and get creative to reach your goals and make a real difference in your industry.


The best work comes from working together. I listen to your ideas, learn from your experiences, and we collaborate to bring your vision to life. You know your business best, and I bring my design expertise to the table


I believe in open and honest communication, even when it’s difficult. I’m here to support you, and I’m committed to transparency every step of the way.


Running a business is tough, I get it. That’s why I prioritize empathy and kindness. I want you to feel valued and supported throughout the process. I’m here to help you succeed, no matter what.


Your business is unique because there's only one of you. Don't you think that's worth celebrating? I bloody well do! I promise to never design something that's not you. I want to highlight all the wonderful bits about your business – and believe me, I know there are tons to choose from!

Wild Creativity

There are no bad ideas here, babe! This is a judgment-free zone where I want you to feel comfortable throwing out even your craziest thoughts. I love encouraging wild ideas and helping them evolve into something truly special.


I'm not a corporate agency – I'm a proud Northerner with a passion for great design and a healthy dose of fun! Working with me will never feel stuffy or forced. I'm serious about creating amazing results, but we'll definitely have a laugh along the way.

Believe it or not, it all started with Neopets! I loved customizing my pages with code, and that sparked a passion for design. Back then, Paint Shop Pro was the go-to tool. Long story short, I fell into it and never looked back!

Every designer brings something unique. The key is finding someone you vibe with! Great design involves strategy, but also a touch of intuition. The more I understand your vision, the better I can translate it into a design you love. On the technical side, I come from a strong UX/UI design and software testing background, so I’m meticulous about details.

Absolutely! I offer consultations for website and brand feedback, as well as copywriting and blog writing (link coming soon!).

You’d be surprised! I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses. The one thing they all have in common is shared values – they’re all good eggs and I think their just fabulous!

It can vary! Projects can take anywhere from a week to a few months, depending on the scope, deliverables, and feedback turnaround time.

I do! As a designer, not a salesperson, there’s no pressure to book anything. My goal is for you to feel comfortable working with me.

That’s a tough one! My clients’ successes are ultimately their own and I’m in no place to claim credit.

I see branding and websites as tools – your success depends on how you use them. That said, I’m incredibly proud to see my clients thrive.

The coolest part of my job is playing a small role in helping people achieve their dream businesses. Seeing their confidence grow and their brands flourish – that’s the best feeling ever.

An informal Q&A

General Questions

Ever have a million questions before reaching out to someone new? Me too! That’s why I wanted to answer some common ones here.

If you’re looking for something more specific about branding or web design, check out the links below!